Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Public Relations Specialist


Public relations specialists help organizations create a positive image in the public eye (iseek.org). PR specialists inform the public of organizations' goals, products, and achievements. PR specialists prepare press releases, prepare reports and write proposals for companies, represent employers at projects, keep contact between client and public (bls.gov) Information regarding working conditions, skills needed, wages, employment growth, employment opportunities, and further reading options can be found below.

Working Conditions

Working conditions include interpersonal relations because PR specialists are constantly working with coworkers and clients, must communicate through memos and newsletter, and deal with conflict/resolution situations (iseek.org).

Work over 40 hours a week and may be on call for events. May have to travel, but usually have set hours (iseek.org).

Must be able to make decisions without management and must be correct because errors could cause customers to discontinue their service (iseek.org).

Skills Needed

PR specialists need a bachelor’s degree in something related such as journalism, PWC, or public relations to compete with others vying for the same job (bls.gov).

PR specialists need knowledge of the English language, communication and media, sales and marketing, customer service, management and administration, computers and electronics, and psychology (iseek.org).


Wages are above the median at $28.26 in Minnesota (iseek.org).

Wages range from $43,000 at colleges and universities to $53,000 in a management position in 2006 (bls.gov).

Employment Growth

The employment growth for PR specialists is 14.5% in Minnesota from 2006-2016 (iseek.org).

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