Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gallery of Writing - Southwest Minnesota Writing Gallery

High school and undergraduate students in Southwest Minnesota can get one piece of their writing published by uploading it to the:

Gallery of Writing - Southwest Minnesota Writing Gallery

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Congratulations to...

Jessica Welu, PWC and Creative Writing Major, who is one of three SMSU English majors to win this year's Gala Scholarship.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Congratulations PWC Majors

Congratulations to PWC majors who received honors for the 2009 Spring Semester.
Students with a 3.8-4.0 GPA were awarded with High Honors.
Students with a 3.5-3.75 GPA were award with Honors.
High Honors
Janna Dorman
Lorien Downing
Kylie Jacobsen
Barbara Sullivan
Jessica Welu
Sandy Zeug
Stephanie Bruns
Brandon DeVries

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meet Sandy Zeug

Sandy Zeug is a senior PWC major from Lucan, MN who...
  • dreams of being a receptionist or secretary for a medical facility.
  • is focusing for a career in Sioux Falls after graduation.
  • loves reading The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.
  • looks up to both her parents because they have taught her morals and values.
  • enjoys technical writing over creative writing.
  • considers her greatest accomplishment running a half marathon.
By Stephanie Bruns

Meet Stephanie Bruns

Stephanie Bruns is a junior PWC major from Champlin, MN who...
  • dreams of being a book editor for a publishing company.
  • wants to get an internship with a publishing company in hopes of being hired after the internship.
  • enjoys reading her favorite book, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien.
  • picked SMSU because it was a back-up plan that eventually became the number one plan. She loves the people that go here, the professors, classes, and her involvement in golf.
  • considers her greatest accomplishment living in France for six weeks, not knowing the language, and still surviving!
By Sandy Zeug

Meet Christy Streff

Christy Streff is a senior PWC major from Canby, MN who...
  • hopes to someday teach at the college level and plans on attending graduate school when she graduates.
  • would like to work in the journalistic or magazine field if she does not attend graduate school.
  • enjoys writing about people, which explains her preferred reading genere, non-fiction.
  • supports herself through college by working at a local pharmacy and dreams of someday moving to a big city like Chicago.
By Michaela Speer

Meet Janice Robinson

Janice Robinson is a senior PWC major from Marshall, MN who...
  • dreams of working for Merideth Publishing or work in a university setting.
  • plans to keep her job at SMSU.
  • wants to focus her education on adapting her education to her work.
  • likes to read mystery books and magazines about household improvement and gardening.
  • enjoys writing feature articles.
  • finally finishing college at the age of 53.
By Jessica Welu

Meet Jessica Welu

Jessica Welu is a senior PWC major from Pipestone, MN who...
  • dreams of becoming a travel writer.
  • plans to get a job as a writer.
  • wants to focus her education on writing in different genres.
  • reads dark satire and suspense novels and travel magazines in her spare time.
  • enjoys writing in a creative way.
  • considers her accomplishment to be traveling to France and Italy.
By Jason Zahn

Meet Jason Zahn

Jason Zahn is a senior who...
  • dreams of becoming a college professor of Spanish.
  • plans to get a job at a university (of course!).
  • wants to focus his education on professional writing during his last year at SMSU.
  • likes to read philosophy and science fiction and his favorite magazine is Bon Appetit in his spare time.
  • enjoys writing creative non-fiction.
  • considers his greatest accomplishment knowing three languages.
By Janice Robinson

Meet Michaela Speer

Michaela is a senior from Wisconsin who...
  • dreams of being an assistant editor for a magazine that focuses on the arts.
  • recently has become passionate about local organic farming practices.
  • enjoys reading books by world authors.
  • loves the magazines Gourmet and Real Simple.
  • is focusing her major on magazine writing.
  • looks up to anyone who is motivated and hardworking.
  • works part time during college at Bagels and Brew in Marshall.
  • spent two weeks in India.
  • already has a bachelor's degree in Communication from University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.
By Christine Streff